21x1 Day PASS for TARKAN Standard ( -10.0% )

Item number: TARKAN-TPS-21

These DAY PASSES can be used for TARKAN STANDARD to receive 24 hours after activation internet. The data volume is unlimited, however to 512 MB in A countries and 256 MB in B countries. After exceeding this data volume, your internet will get throttled to 256 kbps until your PASS time wise has expired. Although Internet still works well, videos can no longer be streamed at this speed. The passes work in 120 countries. By specifying the last 6 digits of your TARKAN Serial Number, we automatically do assign the PASSES to your device.

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Here you can buy your DAILY PASSES for your TARKAN STANDARD.

A day pass works 24 hours after it has been activated. To activate, simply press the button on your device for 3 seconds to authorize it. You can also buy several passes at the same time which will then be loaded onto your device. You can save money by buying more passes.

A day pass includes 250 MB in all countries and 500 MB in all PRIME countries.

Since August 2019, in addition to day passes, we also made available fixed DATA VOLUME packages with a validity of one year. These are preferred by customers because of their long validity.

However, we still offer day passes, which are still popular.

Your TARKAN STANARD device can only support either DAY passes or DATA VOLUME. So please do not buy both at the same time.

Contents: 21.00 day

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