30 Day LIGHT PASS for TARKAN Professional

Item number: TARKAN-MPPR

The LIGHT MONTHLY PASSES of the TARKAN PROFESSIONAL version enable 30 days of Internet access in more than 50 countries.

PRIME countries share a monthly data volume of 5 GB.

All other countries share 1GB in the same period.

20 PRIME countries are supported.

When the data volume is used up, a speed reduction to 256 kbps takes place until the right one. By contacting our support, the pass can be manually ended so that a new PASS can be activated. Alternatively, there is the possibility of using unlimited data volume at reduced speed.

In addition to a 30-day LIGHT pass, there is also the regular 30-day pass. This is UNLIMITED in terms of data volume in PRIME countries.


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Here you can buy PREPAID passes, which you can always buy without any contractual commitment for 30 days with us.

To activate a 30-day pass, simply press the button on your device for 3 seconds. Yyou can conveniently buy several passes on stock, which you easily can activate whenever you need them.

Clever as TARKAN UNLIMITED is, it offers you UNLIMITED data volume in PRIME countries, which you will find green marked in the data sheet of the UNLIMITED device of your choice.

We also offer you a LIGHT Pass for 30 days, which are very attractive in price - but who have a data volume limit also in PRIME countries.

Of course, you can also opt for a low-priced subscription, where you no longer have to worry about passes, as your TARKAN UNLIMITED is simply online for the duration of your contract.

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