4 Watt Skyware Global KU Band Transceiver Hi & Lo Band 10 or 11,3 Ghz LO - SPECIAL OFFER !

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Category: KU Band Transceivers

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4 Watt combined BUC (Transmitter), OMT and LNB for HI- and Low band, very flexible to use. Very compact and solid.

  • the transceiver includes OMT, LNB, BUC and Feedhorn in one unit - no more mounting required
  • the output is 4 Watt transmit power which allows to use high upstream carriers of 1240 Kilosymbols
  • no need for external power supply on Viasat modem (only 1,7 Ampere power consumption)
  • perfect for humid weather in tropical regions like Africa (Eutelsat W3a)
  • enough energy reserves, even under weird environmental conditions !
  • reduction of freight costs to locations in Africa, as 1,2 meter with 4 Watt is half price as 1,8 meter with 2 or 3 Watt !
  • LNB integrated with 10 Ghz and 11,3 Ghz Lo Frequency (no more need to change LNBs) as Lo frequency is switched with power dongle between High and Low Band
  • Eutelsat approved solution with Level421 functional guaranty an D-STAR services. No risk !
  • no more sealings with possible water entrance points
  • available for Viasiosat, Channelmaster, Prodelin or Patriot Adapter ring
  • no more hazzel with your customers regards pointing and cross pole adjustment
  • no more missing OMTs, feedhorns or wrong LNBs !
  • much better performance than other concepts with sepatated OMT

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Product weight: 4.00 Kg