ALLNET ALL168615 / 600M HomePlug AV2 2er SmartLink integrated socket

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+600Mbps, 30-86MHz Frequency range

Category: Powerline

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ALLNET ALL168615 / 600M HomePlug AV2 2er SmartLink integ. socket Highlights: New HomePlug AV2 standard Up to 600 Mbps Powerline data transfer rate via powerline More bandwidth through extended frequency range 30 to 86Mhz Secure communications and protect your data with a push of a button easy installation Looping earthed socket with integrated filter By ALL168615 adapter the first ALLNET Powerline adapter comes HomePlug AV2 standard SmartLink 600 Mbps on the market. The ALLNET ALL168615 uses the latest Qualcomm QCA7450 / AR1540 chipset. It has a Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 interface and is the Powerline Standards IEEE1901 / HomePlug AV and GreenPHY compatible. This allows for easy use with existing powerline devices from other manufacturers. High data rates and quality of service (QoS) enabling the use of HD multimedia applications and support, digital high-speed multimedia home networking throughout the home, including IPTV services, simultaneous HD video and audio distribution, voice over IP calls, online gaming, high-speed Internet to realize. The ALL168615 offers a simple plug and play networking via pushbutton without a configuration via software is necessary. The Network Management Key (NMK), with its 128-bit AES hardware encryption ensures secure, authenticated access to the logical network and protects the network from hackers. To meet the requirements of modern Green IT products, corresponding to the ALL168615 the European Code of Conduct (CoC) for improving energy efficiency and the Energy using Products (EuP) directive of the European Union. The new HomePlug AV2 standard enables highly efficient data transmission on the power cord with technologies such as Efficient Notching & High Efficiency PHY Protocol Data Unit (PPDU) Structure.

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