ALLNET ALL5000 / IP Facility Control Server

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16x RJ45 1x Narrowband Powerline Interface

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The ALLNET ALL5000 IP Facility Control Server is the new flagship of ALLNET Home Automation series. It offers all the features of the ALLNET ALL4500 IP Sensoric Appliance, which represents the logical development of the popular ALL4000 Ethernet sensor meter. the wishes of the ALL4000 User were considered when developing the control server and added a variety of new features and interfaces, without sacrificing the familiar functions. Another new feature is the extensibility of the device. The ALLNET ALL5000 IP Facility Control Server automates all tasks in building control, as detection and signaling of ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and more, as well as triggering of switching operations on contacts, relays and the like. This can be done manually, time-controlled or dependent on detected values. Another new feature is the integrated Narrowband powerline interface. This permits the connection of switch modules without any special cable connection. Here the standard 230V household power supply serves as a medium for cable connection between the modules and the ALLNET ALL5000 IP Facility Control Server. Thus, the individual switching modules can be distributed more flexibly in the building. Various scenarios such as lights, blinds, ventilation and household appliances can be controlled with the ALLNET ALL5000 IP Facility Control Server. Depends on temperature sensing and heating consumers' needs of individual rooms, controlling irrigation, alerting smell of gas and water intrusion up to the automatic opening and closing of blinds on daylight and more your ideas are limitless.

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