LiFePO4 Battery Cell 3,2V 20Ah

Item number: TB-027070145E-Fe-20Ah

LifePo4, 3,2 Battery Cell, 20 Ah, 27x70x145mm

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The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery (with "LFP" standing for "lithium ferrophosphate"), is a type of rechargeable battery, specifically a lithium-ion battery, which uses LiFePO4 as a cathode material. LiFePO4 batteries have somewhat lower energy density than the more common LiCoO2 design found in consumer electronics, but offers longer lifetimes, better power density (the rate that energy can be drawn from them) and are inherently safer. LiFePO4 is finding a number of roles in vehicle use and backup power. LiFePo4 primsatische Zellen have to be manufactured and selected to match each other. Thats why we do produce them up to order and they might not be on stock. This are our selection criterias: 3.2V20ah: a. capacity: C=25Ah; b. capacity difference: =0.5Ah; c. internal resistance=4.0mO; internal resistance difference:=0.8mO; d. open circuit voltage range( at 50% SOC): 24h after re-capacity grading, OCV>3.2V; voltage difference:=2mV; e. select within same lot of production; customer no mixing use of different shipment of cells.

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Approvals: IEC Certificate UL Certficate IEC 62619
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