Peplink Balance 310

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Suitable for Small Business, 3x GbE WAN ports, 200 Mbps Throughput, SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding

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Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Bonding Router
Internet and computer network connectivity have become essential to doing business in the 21st century, and organizations of all kinds are always on the lookout for ever faster connections, as well as more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective networking solutions. Internet load balancing, a technology that distributes network traffic over multiple WAN links, delivers the speed and worry-free performance businesses need to connect with customers and compete in the global marketplace. The Peplink Balance?s world-leading Internet load balancing and SpeedFusion? bandwidth bonding solution let you take control of your WAN and improve Internet connectivity, all with one easy-to-manage device.

Major Benefits

Increase Speed, Uptime, and Reliability with Multiple, Bonded WAN Links

The Peplink Balance intelligently distributes network traffic over multiple WAN links, including DSL, cable, 4G LTE, and 3G. Should a connection fail, the Peplink Balance automatically switches to a healthy link in less than a second, seamlessly maintaining Internet connectivity and corporate VPN functionality. Using Peplink?s unique SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding technology, you can aggregate the bandwidth of all available WAN links, significantly boosting speed, reliability, and failover performance.

Instantly Reduce Costs up to 90% without Compromising Performance
With the increased reliability made possible by multiple WAN links, you can switch from traditional links, such as MPLS leased lines, to a mix of DSL, cable, 4G LTE, and 3G connections. Corporate networks become much more affordable, yet retain the reliability needed for enterprise networking. Peplink?s SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding technology also works with mobile connections, such as 4G LTE, 3G, or WiMAX, enabling mobile/remote site applications without resorting to satellite, microwave, or other slower and less dependable wireless technologies. Thanks to SpeedFusion, live HD video streaming, industrial automation, seamless remote access, and other bandwidth-intensive applications are now possible at a cost that?s within reach of almost any business.

Simplify Your Network with Our All-in-One Solution
The Peplink Balance?s extensive range of features, such as WLAN Controller, User Group QoS, and Bandwidth Report, lets you manage your WAN, VPN, and wireless network with a single box. Take control of your network with the all-in-one power of Peplink, the ultimate solution for every enterprise network.

Read more on the Datasheet, download under PDF.

Condition of Item: new
Approvals: CE Certification of manufactuer is available EN 60950-1 EN 55022 EN 55024 EN 61000-3
Installation Type: stationary
Shipping weight: 4.50 Kg
Product weight: 3.50 Kg


Datasheet Peplink Balance Router

User Guide Peplink Balance Router

CE Certificate Peplink Balance Router : EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 60950, EN 61000-3

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