iDirect is an IP-based satellite...
iDirect is an IP-based satellite communications company providing technology, hardware, software, and services that enable VSAT service providers to optimize their networks and profitably expand their businesses. Our iDirect Intelligent Platform? is a single, unified IP-based satellite architecture engineered to handle the widest range of applications and market needs.

iNFINITI® 3100 Satellite Router NEW CONDITION

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iNFINITI® 3100NB Satellite Router USED CONDITION

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iNFINITI® 3100NB Satellite Router NEW CONDITION

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iNFINITI® 5150 Satellite Router USED CONDITION

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iNFINITI® 5300 Satellite Router NEW CONDITION

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iNFINITI® 5350 Satellite Router USED CONDITION

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