Item is in original package, unused and brand new condition.
The packaging conforms to that of the retail trade. This can be either factory- sealed, but also open. The item is in factory reset state. It is is free from scratches, damage or wear.

Products of the Category NEW are sold to both, commercial also as private users.
Warranty Terms :
The article in the condition category NEW is offered by the inclusion of the statutory warranty obligation.
This is for industrial users 12 months and for private customers 24 months after delivery of the article.
If your item within this period defective, please send it back to us with your invoice copy dates back.
Previously, please apply in writing stating of the problem with us a return number. Unannounced returned
goods cannot be accepted. We reserve an exam. This test is not free, so far as the product is found to be flawless. The testing fee is determined by the actual inspection efforts. When it is prove to be defective within the warranty period, we will declare it free of charge repair and free him back to you. Excluded from warranty are damages due to improper use.

Invoicing :
The bill is issued by the dealer with proven 19% VAT.
Commercial customers outside the EU that have a valid VAT number in the EU, get no VAT.
Calculated where these present us with purchase. A subsequent modification of the bill with
late production of VAT-Number is possible and charging by a processing fee of 25€.
Please note that marketplaces like Amazon not send us any VAT-Number.

Packaging is done in biodegradable packing materials using the packaging materials the company

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13961 C-Band Interference Filter

0,00 ₳ *
On Stock

40 Watt Mitec KU-Band Transmitter

3429,89 ₳ *
Short supply

7893D C-Band Bandpass Filter

0,00 ₳ *
Short supply

8515F C-Band DRO LNB

57,16 ₳ *
On Stock

Flexible Twist 5.85 - 8.2 GHz, 1200mm

775,76 ₳ *
On Stock

Gilat KU-Band ODU Transmitter P/N

160,12 ₳ *
Short supply


29,33 ₳ *
On Stock

Nex-5251 KU-Band DRO LNB

0,00 ₳ *
Short supply

Nex-800 C-Band DRO LNB

217,29 ₳ *
On Stock

PLL LNB, Internal Reference, NJRC C Band LNBC, NJS8486/87/88

starting from 215,58 ₳ *
Short supply

Poynting High Gain LTE MiMo Antenna

203,30 ₳ *
On Stock

TA40 10W C-Band BUC

1759,88 ₳ *
Short supply

TBA33/34x Mini 2W/3W Ku-Band BUC

99,73 ₳ *
On Stock

TBA39x Mini 8W Ku-Band BUC

3396,99 ₳ *
Short supply

Visiosat 120 cm KU-Band Dual Optics divided Cross Pole Rx/Tx Antenna

1694,41 ₳ *
On Stock